Wedding Ceremony Sound

Professional Wired and wireless Lapel Microphones!

There is nothing worse than looking at wedding ceremony photos and seeing a BIG UGLY MICROPHONE blocking the view of our couple’s faces or a distraction to a beautiful dress. To help avoid this scenario, I offer the following, FREE OF CHARGE working with your Ceremony DJ or Engineer. In the event your D-Jay or venue sound does not offer a lapel microphone for the Officiant, I always have on hand a wireless Lavaliere (Lapel Microphone) and my wired Lavaliere (Lapel Microphone) that works with 99.9% of most D-Jay systems. Most D-Jays don’t have a problem working with me on this request and some appreciate the fact that I offer this. Please don’t let your D-Jay somehow convince you that the audio quality is not as good as a regular microphone on a stand in your faces as years down the road… when you look at your Wedding Day photos… or having the ceremony picture enlarged and hanging in your living room, you’ll appreciate that there is no microphone in your faces, Trust me!
•    There is no additional fee for providing THIS microphone service.


Our Professional Ceremony Sound System!

BA-330SMALL CEREMONY for Beach, Park, Backyard, etc. – One of the toughest things for an Officiant to do is present a ceremony for a group of 20 or more without audio support. Park noises, traffic, wind, waves, birds, another party at the park, etc. have a direct impact on what your guests hear and can’t hear. We offer a battery powered stereo broadcast quality sound system with lapel microphone.

The fee we charge for this is far under what a D-J would ask for and, if someone has a battery powered sound device (IPOD) or a musical instrument with a pickup mic our system accommodates this.

They will need to make sure they have the appropriate connections from their system to our system. We strongly suggest they get there a few minutes early to test the hook up before guests arrive.

•    Connector Needed: Headphone jack that fits your unit to stereo RCA or Stereo mini plugs to fit ours.
•   THIS IS NOT A DJ SYSTEM! Please do not bring CD’s, tapes, etc.
•    Music prior to the ceremony (seating music): You are more than welcome to play 30 minutes of music however, you MUST provide this music with your sound device and someone to play it.

Plan on having a family member or friend do a reading during your celebration? The system comes with an additional reader microphone and stand so everyone can hear!

We have spent a lot of time to make sure we can help our couples save money and compared to what  DJ would charge to haul equipment to a park and a generator (which some parks prohibit).

  • One stereo speaker system: $200
  • Two stereo speaker system: $250